Not Understanding the Complete Truth Is Why You’re Stuck


You can not control what you do not understand…

Think about that for a moment…

And think about the problems you face in your life right now.

Do you completely understand what they really are, why they exist, or what caused them, or all that is impacted by them?
Do you understand the complete truth of them?

Probably not, right?

Guess what, if you don’t understand the complete truth of your problems you’ll never be empowered to come up with complete solutions that can completely solve them and keep yourself from accidentally causing them again.
It’s impossible.

What this means is that until you understand the complete truth you’ll be at best only able to manage and mitigate your problems to a more or less limited degree and/or only come up with partial solutions.

And make no mistake, partial solutions always leave some of the original problem left unsolved to deal with, and more often than not, actually cause new problems and challenges for you to deal with at the same time.

Do this enough and you’ll be overwhelmed with more problems and challenges to deal with than you started with!


What this means is that you’ll be stuck with your problems indefinitely until you can completely solve them.

And your life will eventually come to a standstill (become stuck) if you allow too many unresolved problems to build up because you will become completely mired with managing, mitigating, patch-fixing, and/or not dealing with your problems to the point that they completely overwhelm and take over your life.

However many people do exactly this until they completely lose control of their life and work and give up trying to make things better because there is just too much to deal with.

For them, it’s “too late” and “too difficult” to bother trying anymore.

There is only one way out of this conundrum. 

You must completely commit to doing whatever it takes to learn about and understand the complete truth of your problems in their entirety. No matter how difficult!

And completely commit to becoming the person who can truly do this successfully no matter what.

Until you do you will continue to be mired in an ever-growing mountain of problems you can not completely solve.

This is true of every single problem and challenge you face in your life, personal, relationship, education, career, or business. You name it –it’s the same.

Until you completely understand your problems and have applied a completely positive solution, you’re stuck with them. 

Of course, until you have completely solved your problems, it’s definitely a good idea to manage them as best you can and mitigate (contain) their negative effects as much as you can for as long as is required. Doing this will empower you to “live with” your problems, rather than being held back, harmed, or disabled by them.

And taking this positive management approach will usually allow you to learn more things about the problem that will eventually help you completely solve them.

However make no mistake, managing and mitigating and partially fixing problems is not a complete solution and doing so means that you will have these problems forever until you do. There is no way around it.

That being said–some problems just can’t be completely solved, at least not in a timeframe that is time-sensitive or cost-appropriate (ROI appropriate) to what you are doing. So in these cases manage, mitigate and patch fix away! Just get through it as best you can (never ignore them). But whatever you do, do not delude yourself into thinking you have completely solved the problem for good. Remember that if you do this kind of work again, or are in this situation again, you’ll have the same problem(s) because you haven’t truly fixed them completely.

Make sense?

Ok, now let’s go back to the beginning of this post.

You can’t control what you don’t understand.

In truth, what is holding most people back from the life and the success they truly want is this:

Unwillingness to face the difficult truths which lie at the heart of the difficult problems and challenges they face –no matter what.


Unwillingness to work with and work through the difficult truths which lie at the heart of difficult problems and challenges they face –no matter what.

Unwillingness to face and work through difficult truths (which includes avoiding, ignoring, blaming others, making excuses, shifting responsibility to others, hiding from, being passive with, and/or all-out escaping truths) that lie at the heart of problems are the top reasons why we remain stuck and incapable of getting past them, or at the very least, not managing them as successfully as they could be. Until you do and do so completely >>> nothing really changes, because it can’t.

Why do people choose not to face and work through difficult truths and difficult problems?

Simple–it’s difficult for them to and they are not willing to experience this difficulty if they can avoid it.

Why something is difficult for a particular person to the point that they won’t face it or work with it can be many and varied, here are a few reasons for this.

People often experience difficult challenges, problems and truths as too painful, too uncomfortable, too stressful, overwhelming, too boring, too tedious, too complex, too hard, too uncertain, too scary, extremely angering, anxiety triggering, too embarrassing, too humiliating, weakness exposing, failure exposing, loss exposing, exhausting, or even traumatizing, etc.

This is a major reason why so few people truly solve the roots of the problems and challenges they face in life and transcend them. They simply don’t appreciate the value of the complete truth–and they don’t understand the necessity of having it if you want to completely solve problems, completely overcome challenges, and truly become more in life. They also don’t appreciate how important it is to become strong enough, enduring enough, and skillful enough to deal with difficult truths, problems and challenges. -And lastly, they don’t understand the fact that until you can do all of this successfully you are simply not ready for more in life because you can not successfully handle more. This makes what are difficult truths, problems, and challenges for you an absolute glass ceiling limit on your life.
Keeping you stuck.

Regardless of the reason, failing to “truly face and work with” difficult truths, problems, and challenges in your life are, without a doubt, your biggest limiters in life because you can not get past them or out-perform them until you do.

The truth is that your life, whether you like it or not, becomes a reflection of the difficult truths, problems, and challenges you will not face or work through for they define what you will not engage with, and so define the limits of what your life can be.

Another way to say this is that the difficult truths, problems, and challenges you will not face, in part, create the boundaries of your “comfort zone”–and more, create the boundaries of your life. Because what lies beyond are all of the difficult truths, problems, and challenges you will not face, work with, or interact with.

I help my clients become truly able and ready to face and work through difficult truths, problems, and challenges so its as easy as possible for them.

Part of how I help my clients is teaching them the importance of facing the complete truth of their problems and challenges and working through them no matter how difficult. And more importantly, teaching them how to acquire the strength, skills, and endurance they need to do this successfully because anyone can do what is easy, few can — or — will do what is hard.

Mark my words, without the necessary strength, skills and endurance required to succeed, eventually, you’ll get tired of the mounting difficulties in your life and desire for things to be easier for you. If you go on long enough without overcoming your problems eventually your desire for “ease” will become so overwhelming that you will choose to free yourself from the difficulties you have in your life by “escaping them” and “settling for what is already easy for you or far less difficult”. Hemming yourself in and stopping your growth and all possibility of achieving greater levels of growth, achievement, happiness, fulfillment, and success.

This is a shame because the solution to your problems is here. You just have to learn the complete truth to find it.

Make no mistake if you want to grow, perform better, and achieve more success —you need to radically improve your working relationship with the difficult truths, problems, and challenges you face in your life.

Until you do, you will be stuck and/or only able to grow, achieve, and succeed on a relatively small scale. “Stuck” behind an impassable wall that you just can’t get beyond until you decide to willingly face and work through what is difficult for you head on–and keep on doing so until it becomes easy for you.

It’s just the way it is.

Only the complete truth can empower you to completely succeed–and succeed no matter what.

It’s that simple.

The question is.

Are you willing to face and work through the difficult truths and problems in your life and work?

And … are you ready and willing to learn how to acquire the strength, skill, and endurance you need to do it as easily as possible? Ensuring that you will never give up when things get hard.

If you are–give me a call I’d love to work with you.

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