Beliefs Blind You From The Truth

So Get Rid Of Them

Beliefs Blind You From The Truth So Get Rid Of Them

Facing and acknowledging the truth is far more powerful and empowering than creating a belief about the truth. The former is completely true and grounds you in the truth, while the other might or might not be (who knows).

Here’s the REALLY BIG PROBLEM with beliefs.

Once you believe something is true you can no longer tell the difference between whether or not it is in fact the truth unless the results present now are impossible to deny. However, even when the glaring truth is impossible to deny you still have to actually consciously choose to acknowledge it or your belief will not break.

One of the biggest issues dealt with in coaching and therapy are people’s incorrect, limiting, false, and/or dysfunctional beliefs which are stopping them from being aware of the actual truth (which is often about them or those most close to them).


Once you believe something is true YOU ONLY PERCEIVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, not the actual truth present now. And over time a belief can become ever more distant from what actually is true NOW until eventually there is no accurate relationship at all. This is even worse if the belief was completely false to begin with.

Truthfully, beliefs are an incorrect way of operating mentally. Disciplining yourself not to make them, and only working with what is actually inherently truthful is the only correct way to go.

Now, if you really don’t know what the truth is, do the next best thing, make speculative best guess judgements about what it is instead. Then you can work with your speculative truth models, knowing full well that they might not be true. This approach empowers you to be open to them being false and ready to abandon them when they are proven false/incorrect for something better.

To go one better, set up your speculative judgments about truth to be actively disproven if they are false as quickly as possible, AKA the scientific method.

Regardless, when you are free of all your beliefs (and your judgments, assumptions, and preconceptions about the truth) —you are free to be conscious of and able to acknowledge what actually is true now, which makes you more capable of working with it effectively and correctly now.

Simply put, If you’re not aware of the truth you can’t work with it, and in this way “beliefs” become a “knowing the truth disability” that blinds you from it and makes you less able to function sanely and correctly now.

Remember this. Beliefs do not make something true, they just make you believe it’s true. And the truth really will set you free … if you acknowledge it and correctly work with it.

More about this in a future post.