High Performance Coaching

Get Ready for a Truly Life Transforming Experience

At Inner Compass, my personal development coaching packages are based upon the most proven, advanced and successful personal development knowledge and methods in the world.

Before creating my own coaching programs, I was mentored by and consulted for the late Bob Proctor who was globally recognized as the foremost leader in personal development and unlocking human potential. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from him and his 58 years of practice, along with others, and coupled it with my own innovative approaches to create personal development programs that make achieving high performance and consistent sustainable success as simple, straightforward and effective as possible.

Radically Accelerated Results

My high-performance personal development coaching and mind-reprogramming programs utilize the most in-depth, results-oriented, personal development knowledge in the world. I will step-by-step show you how to apply the principles of success effectively while you transform the contents in your subconscious mind (including your mindset) so you are truly ready and able to achieve major breakthroughs in your performance and results and take your life, career, or business to the next level.

I help you create an uncompromising life of freedom, fulfillment, and success with an unstoppable mindset and a creative method for achieving results and goals at a RADICALLY ACCELERATED PACE.

Program Benefits


Clarity, Direction, Purpose & Focus

Build a clear vision for your personal life, career or business that reflects who you truly are, what you really want to do, and how you really want to live so you can take action in a focussed purposeful way.

Unstoppable Mindset

Transform your thoughts, emotions, and behavioural patterns into ones that are truly positive, effective, and “truly you” with the fastest and most effective subconscious mind reprogramming and behavioural change process in the world so you can break free of what’s holding you back and start getting consistent results you want. The belief and behavioural transformational processes we use are Marissa Peer’s award-winning Rapid Transformational Therapy™️ and my own proprietary Decision Method.

Accelerated Results & Success

Learn the time-tested and proven principles, process, and framework for achieving breakthroughs in performance and results, so you can achieve success quickly, predictably, and with confidence and ease.

Become a Master of the Art & Science of Goal Achievement & Reaching Your Greatest Potential

Learn how to become truly ready to achieve your goals and gain empowering knowledge about how to make choices that reprogram your subconscious mind so you can become your true self, unlock more of your potential, and successfully grow beyond your current limits.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Breakthrough Fear of Failure

Learn how to strengthen your ability to face, acknowledge, and work positively with difficult truths about you, your life, and results, so you can unlock more of your potential and become empowered to master fear, stress, anxiety, negative reactions and behaviours so you can become truly ready and able to make quantum leaps in your performance and start doing what you really want to do.

Be Accountable to and Supported by an Elite-Level Coach

Get on track and stay on track with personalized expert mentorship, coaching, and counselling every step of the way. I will hold you accountable to the truth of you, what you’re truly doing, and how you’re truly doing as you progress towards the achievement of your goals. Ensuring that you stay connected to the truth empowers you to be able to work with it correctly and make real progress, vs falling back into old patterns or engaging in activities that don’t serve you and your goals.

Get Access to an Online Resources

Gain access to my library of innovative goal achievement, and subconscious mind reprogramming resources and learning aids so you can master it.
Performance issues I can help you solve:

Performance issues I can help you solve:

  • Struggling or plateauing in your business or career and wanting to make a quantum leap
  • Wanting to significantly increase your income or productivity but are struggling to make it happen. 2X-10X results increases are common.
  • Lacking clear focus, purpose, or direction in your career or business
  • Sabotaging your success due to self-limiting beliefs or self-destructive behaviours
  • Grinding or struggling to achieve goals and wanting to do less and achieve more
  • Getting poor or inconsistent results in your career or business
  • Wanting to re-align your career, business, and personal life with who you really are, what you really want, and how you want to live, but are struggling to make it happen and/or don’t know how
  • Struggling as a leader and want to have greater confidence, as well as be more decisive, efficient, effective, in-control, and consistent
  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by your work and held back by your fears, doubts, and worries
Performance issues I can help you solve:

Success and Goal Achievement Aren’t magic

Using a proven process, I help my clients understand and apply the principles of achieving high performance and getting consistent results and success. They change their thoughts, feelings, and actions to match who they truly are and what they want to achieve.

I help people Stop doing so much

Most people who are studying personal development read countless books, watch every YouTube self-help video out there, and obsess over audio books or podcasts. They know the power of the knowledge, grow mentally and spiritually (consciously), but almost nothing happens physically with their results. Their mind is in chaos when it comes to knowing how to apply the material.
At Inner Compass, I help you cut through all of the noise and confusion, so you can focus on what really matters to achieve breakthroughs and get the results you want.

Start making real progress & Get tangible results

A very small percentage of the population are actually achieving their potential and achieving extraordinary results. These people are the ones who apply the material we teach properly, gain quantum leaps in their physical progress and results, and then restart the process all over again to get ever greater results.
They keep their mind closed to unhelpful outside influences, only keeping their mind open to new ideas and expert level guidance. They are focused, serving the world, and becoming something great.

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