Carter Villemagne-Gamache
Game Designer

“With your help, I’ve managed to change my entire life around. I feel better every day and you helped me realize that. I am infinitely grateful for you and everything you’ve done for me.”

Deborah Gillam
Employment Coach

“Jarett was a huge help in getting me to SNAP OUT OF AUTO PILOT mode, and helped me get the life I deserved. He helped me achieve massive breakthroughs in both my work and life.
His strategies and approach for helping my mindset was an amazing experience. The tools and techniques that Jarett has taught me have had long-lasting effects and has allowed me to achieve GOAL after GOAL. Highly recommend Jarett… you will see results after your first session.”

Gregorio Gatto
Assistant Game Designer

“Working with him was fantastic and I highly recommend it. He was always available to answer my questions, reinforce my vision, and steel my resolve. If you feel like you are stuck, don’t know how to move forward, but are willing to make sacrifices in order to reach your dream, then listen to what Jarett has to say.”

Belief Change

Belief Change

Michelle Lee
Business Owner/Entrepreneur

“Jarett has the most sought after up to date groundbreaking training under his belt, but most importantly, he uses his intuition and connection with the client to get the most out of a session. He has great listening skills and really digs deep to get to the root issue to eliminate the problem. He has a very captivating voice and personality so you are naturally drawn to him, male or female. He constantly has your best interest at heart and really has a special talent for doing healing work.”

Shayleen Halloran
Rapid Transformational Therapist

“Jarett Metcalfe has so much good energy! He is enthusiastic about getting you from where you are now to the dreams and goals you’ve been dreaming of! He is SUPER knowledgeable about his work. His hypnosis is on point! If you are trying to achieve your goals, but something is stopping you, GO SEE JARETT!”

Malcolm Krebs
Business Consultant/Entrepreneur

“I had some issues that were causing me a lot of anxiety for years. I tried several different options to resolve these issues and none of them seemed to help very much. In my session with Jarett, he helped me to identify the root causes (limiting beliefs) that created this anxiety. His techniques were not only incredibly effective, but amazingly quick. I felt like a brand new person. And he’s a super nice guy!”

Lisa Brown
Business Owner

“Jarett is a very creative and very highly skilled Therapeutic Counsellor and Counselling Hypnotherapist. I have worked with him successfully several times on different issues. He listens deeply to what is going on. I am very impressed with his knowledge and instincts concerning the mind and emotional issues. Most of all-he really listens and cares. That makes all the difference in terms of successful change work. This gentleman is one you can trust.”

Tricia Radison
Master Reiki Practitioner

“I saw Jarett because I was creatively blocked and wanted to write a book that just wasn’t coming to me. While it took several months and some other help before I started writing, Jarett’s techniques played a key role in getting me to where I am now—working on two books at once, effortlessly. I use the techniques he taught me in our two sessions together (the second at no cost because he just wanted to make sure I got where I wanted to go) and teach them to the people who come to see me for Reiki when appropriate because they are THAT simple and THAT effective.”