Are You Having a Mid-Life Crisis?

Do You Want More In Life?

What makes our Belief Change Therapy practices so effective?

Life is full of turning points, and odds are good that if you’re here you’re facing a radical life changing one.

One that’s requiring you to make major life changing decisions that are very difficult to make.

What’s decisions?

Choosing to be who you truly are and living the life you truly want –and all that entails.


Choosing to keep things the same.

Some Choices Are Terrifying

There can be a lot of inertia locked into the life you’ve created for yourself up to now. Years of hard work, money, and sacrifice.

Chasing after what you “thought you wanted”, or thought was “best,” or “others wanted” for you.

But, now you’ve become completely disillusioned with it all.

Feeling off track with who you truly are and what you truly want.

Wondering, “why now?”

Making you wish that all these thoughts and feelings would just go away and leave you alone so you could keep building on everything you’ve already created —but no matter what you do, they just grow stronger.

I Get it. I’ve Been There.

I get all of it and I know just how hard it is to come to grips with yourself when so much of what you used to want and worked so hard for now seems completely wrong and meaningless to you.

Or worse. What you have been making yourself do, live with, try to make the best of, endure, or make endless excuses or alibis for, –now, you just want to be rid of and can’t stand any more.

Sound about Right?

If it does, I’m pretty sure you know what the right choice is.

Deep down you know it’s time to end all of this.

It’s time to end the painful longing you feel inside, the paralysing fear, the wasted time, and the agonizing regret that all comes from NOT CHOOSING to be who YOU TRULY ARE and WHAT YOU TRULY WANT — day after day, year after year

You know it, I know it

BUT, a part of you wants to keep things exactly as they are.

Keeping things nice and safe and comfortableas is” because you are absolutely terrified of facing the full consequences of this change.

–And part of you is digging in its heels because you feel like this change is going to require you to go backwards in life before you can truly go forwards again!

Something you really don’t want to do.

–Not to mention that this same part of you thinks that all of this change will be very challenging, time-consuming, a lot of hard work, and/or a lot of money that you would rather spend on other things.

If You’re Having These Thoughts,

You’re Not Alone

Having a mid-life crisis or a mid-life correction to align with YOUR INNER TRUTH is completely normal and extremely common.

What’s also common is the increasing pain you feel in inside from not going with it and living in a state of indecision or trying to ignore it.

But this problem is not going away. The Choice, “should I, or shouldn’t I,” will teeter back and forth torturously in your mind, day after day, until you make it.

But the truth is, you actually already know what you want to choose, but you won’t do it. And you won’t do it because you know it comes with a steep price and you’re not sure yet if you are willing or even able to pay it, OR a part of you still doubts if it’s actually worth it.

Here’s the Straight Up Truth

Becoming your true self demands whatever it takes for however long it takes. And what that truly means in its full cost—know one truly knows until it’s been achieved.

But, until you are TRULY READY TO BECOME YOUR TRUE SELF all of the known and unknown costs; including all of the challenges, difficulties, painful endings, losses, time, effort, and consequences will TERRIFY YOU INTO COMPLETE INDECISION and INACTION.

It’s just the way it is. So here’s the solution:

Don’t Force It

Listen to your inner compass. Listen very closely to what your fear and doubt are saying because they’re actually trying to stop you from doing what you’re not yet ready to do—that’s their job!

Choose to do what you are ready to instead.

Choose to Get Ready First

What? I don’t get it…

Let me say this again. Choose to “become completely ready to be your true self FIRST.” Do not try to just “run out there” and attempt to be your true self and turn your whole life upside down when you are clearly not yet ready to deal with the consequences. That’s what your fear doubt and worry are trying to tell you. Get ready first so you can.

Take this approach and tell yourself you won’t push yourself to go any further until you truly are ready. Decide that and BOOM! Watch all your fear, doubt and worry melt away!


Because that’s what your fear wants you to do. Get ready FIRST. Not because its stalling or misdirecting you, but because its guiding you intelligently and carefully towards success. It’s an important part of your Inner Compass.

Just as your Inner Compass is telling you now is the right time to become your true self. Fear is telling you the right first step is to get ready first, and don’t start changing anything else until you are, because if you do things are going to get out of your control.

Fear is your Emotional Gate Keeper

It knows what you are not ready for and makes you closed, concerned, hesitant, indecisive, inactive, and put on the “inner brakes hard” to stop you from doing it.

Fear is trying to get you to “back away from the cliff now!” And do not even think about going over it until you are completely able and ready to do so safely and correctly–so you’re in control. Right?

Once you are truly ready, your fear will be gone and confidence will be there instead. This will trigger your inner gate keeper, that controls your ability to easily choose and act, to open.

Then you will automatically want to take action now and do it freely and willingly. That’s when we naturally feel the passion, desire, ambition, and drive to act! And not before.

How do I Get Ready?

We have a proven five step transformational process to ensure you are completely ready to be your true self and successfully make the leap to living the life you truly want and beyond.

  • Step 1: Resolving & Learning from Your Past: So you discover who you truly are, gain the wisdom from your past mistakes and don’t repeat them.
  • Step 2: Effectively Managing Issues You Can Not Fully Resolve: So you can thrive and succeed no matter what adversity you face.
  • Step 3: Liberating Your True Self & Creating Genetic Self Discipline: So you’re completely in control of you and your life, regardless of circumstances.
  • Step 4: Creating the Unbreakable Unstoppable True You: So nothing gets you down and no one can stop you from achieving what you want.
  • Step 5: Life Vision & Goal Achievement Process: So you are expertly guided to achieve what you truly want in an easy to follow step-by-step way that is proven to get consistent results.
What makes our Belief Change Therapy practices so effective?

Want More Details?

Step 1: Resolving & Learning from Your Past

“Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”

The first step in this process is to face, work through and learn from what’s keeping you from being:

  • Ready to be your true self
  • Ready to achieve what you truly want
  • Able to find out who you truly are, if you don’t know
  • Able you to find out what you truly want, if you don’t know

Unreadiness could be caused by one or more of the following things, (everyone’s different), such as:

  • Unresolved traumas
  • Failures or Loses you can’t get past
  • Self Hatred
  • Shame (ashamed of self, choices, actions, circumstances, results)
  • Wanting or being things that aren’t truly who you are
  • Being and doing things that others want you to that are not who you truly are
  • Limiting & Negative Habits
  • Limiting & Negative Beliefs & Judgements (ex. I don’t believe I can, It’s hopeless)
  • Negative Attitude
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Low Self Worth or Worthless
  • Limiting or Negative self image/mindset
  • Limiting or Negative life circumstances and resources
  • Limiting or Negative values and wants

There is no way around this vital step, and it is precisely where so many mid-life crisis, goal achievement, and self improvement programs fail, as you will never be able to fearlessly, freely, confidently or easily progress in life without doing it.

Why is this so?

Because those who fail to learn and grow wise from the past, and wisely discipline themselves from making the same choices, actions, and circumstances again— are doomed to repeat it unintentionally. It’s not an if, but a when.

You will not be able to be ready to be your true self and succeed, until you have discovered, fully understood, and correctly applied the learnings from what caused you to choose not to be your true self and make related mistakes in your past, to ensure that you are wise enough to not make the same ones again.

–AND then from this truthful knowledge, wisely empower yourself to only be your true self and only live the life you truly want unconditionally from now on–free of all the old missteps.

Objectives of the step:

  • Identify the root causes of why you are afraid and not ready to be your true self.
  • Discover and understand how that root cause came to be and how its affected you and your life.
  • Completely understand how not to cause the same problem again by reacting, choosing, and responding differently.
  • Identify what different choices would have to be made to be your true self, and live your life truthfully in the same or similar circumstances in the future. This is all about acquiring wisdom born from experience. Until you figure this out –you won’t be ready, and you’ll unintentionally repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Approach: This stage is primary completed through a focused and results oriented counselling therapy oriented process. Using Parts Therapy, Talk therapy, Counselling Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy as required to help you get to the root causes of why you’re not yet ready as quickly and easily as possible.

Step 2: Effectively Managing Issues You Can’t fully Resolve:

Some issues just can’t be fully resolved now or ever so they must be effectively managed. It’s vital that you not allow yourself to be held back by unresolveable issues, work with them as best as possible so you can thrive anyways.

Objective: It’s critical that you learn how to willingly, positively, and effectively manage and live with what can not be changed, fixed or fully resolved so you can thrive anyway, rather than being held back, harmed, or fail because of them: such as an incurable illness, disability, bankruptcy, or death of a loved one.

Additionally, some problems take time to fully resolve (like healing, debt, or divorce), so it’s best to focus on effective management and living with them as best you can until this is accomplished as you thrive with it (if necessary)

Approach: Self-management/coping tools, Personal Development Coaching, Counselling, Belief Change as required.

Step 3: Liberating Your True Self & Creating Genetic Self Discipline

In stage 1 you gained all of the wisdom there was to learn from what has kept you from being your true self up to now, as well as how to ensure you are able to easily be your true self in the future.

Here, we apply all of this wisdom through instant subconscious reprogramming, habit creation, and creating for yourself what we call “genetic self-discipline” and the “true genetic you”.

We liberate your “true self genetics” to freely express themselves by ending all choices (judgments, believes, wants, values, habits) you’ve made that are blocking their correct true expression. And by programming in “wise genetic discipline” that only allows you to automatically cause and create what is truly you and what truly causes success and optimal function.

This is a fun process that feels good and empowers you to build your mind into the image of who you truly are and what you truly want, unconditionally. Empowering you to be totally in control of yourself and what you are doing no matter what.

Objective: The goal of this step is to make all of your newfound wisdom automatic (natural) for you and liberating the expression of your true self genetics.

This is achieved by:

  • Ending old unhelpful choices (habits, beliefs, limiting and negative mental genetics),
  • Reprogramming your self image, beliefs, attitude, self worth, habits, values, mindset, character, disposition, behaviors into the image of it at the subconscious level.

When this is done you will be “automatically disciplined” and “automatically be your true self” so you never accidentally choose the things that caused you to not be your true self or create the problems that you caused for yourself in your past >>> and instead, automatically be and do only the things that are truly you and cause “true” success from now on!

Making it naturally easy to be your true self, and behave as your true self all the time without having to think about it or willfully force it.

Approach: Subconscious mind reprogramming.

Step 4: Creating the Unbreakable Unstoppable You

Objective: At this step you will program in the best possible mental genetics for mental and emotional strength and integrity of character, making you UNBREAKABLE, so when push comes to shove you will stay true to you no matter what and never fail or lose yourself again.

You will also program your subconscious mind with the best possible mental genetics for readiness, success, abundance, and prosperity so taking the right action to achieve what you want is automatic and easy for you. Ensuring that you don’t accidently engage in what you are not yet ready for and cause things to get out of control again.

Once you are fully able to and ready to succeed from a “genetic” standpoint, it will be natural for you to do the things you must to achieve it.

Then your emotional gatekeeper will be naturally confident in your abilities and open the gates for decisive action—giving you a powerful desire, drive, ambition, and motivation to take action to succeed and achieve what you want in a calm confident relaxed way. Making you UNSTOPPABLE.

Approach: Teaching new information, subconscious mind reprogramming

Step 5: Life Vision & Goal Achievement

Objective: At this stage you will create a vision for the life you truly want to live, which will then be turned into actionable goals (short term, mid term, and long term). Which are then actioned on in a proven step-by-step goal achievement process.

If you start this program not knowing what you truly want, you won’t be anymore, at this point you will naturally know what you want and it will be fun and flow with natural ease!

The beauty of the goal achievement stage, is that were before you were hesitant, inactive, indecisive, concerned or afraid–now you will be on fire! Your passion, will, desire, and drive to take action and achieve your goals will be so strong and flow so naturally it will be fun! Living your life will be fun and exciting again!

And where difficult or painful changes in your life must be made–you will have what it takes to see them through and never break, bend or fail. You will be unbreakably strong, true, focused, and unstoppable no matter what the circumstances are—no matter how long it takes, no matter what it takes until you have accomplished what you truly want.

And I will be here to guide and support you through the process, ensuring that you are safe and everything is done correctly and as easily as possible.

Approach: Life Vision Process, Goal Achievement Process, Additional mind reprogramming as required.

I Want to Get Ready Now

Yes, I Want this Transformational Experience!


What makes our Belief Change Therapy practices so effective?


Carter Villemagne-Gamache
Game Designer

“With your help, I’ve managed to change my entire life around. I feel better every day and you helped me realize that. I am infinitely grateful for you and everything you’ve done for me.”

Deborah Gillam
Employment Coach

“Jarett was a huge help in getting me to SNAP OUT OF AUTO PILOT mode, and helped me get the life I deserved. He helped me achieve massive breakthroughs in both my work and life.
His strategies and approach for helping my mindset was an amazing experience. The tools and techniques that Jarett has taught me have had long-lasting effects and has allowed me to achieve GOAL after GOAL. Highly recommend Jarett… you will see results after your first session.”

Gregorio Gatto
Assistant Game Designer

“Working with him was fantastic and I highly recommend it. He was always available to answer my questions, reinforce my vision, and steel my resolve. If you feel like you are stuck, don’t know how to move forward, but are willing to make sacrifices in order to reach your dream, then listen to what Jarett has to say.”

Why Many Therapies & Coaching Prgorams Fail

What makes our Belief Change Therapy practices so effective?

The most common cause of why many therapies, belief change process and coaching programs fail is because the don’t focusing on this one thing first. They don’t make you learn from your past, especially regarding what “truly” caused you to make the choices and mistakes you made, and understand how they played out in your life, work and results, so you are empowered to discipline yourself from causing them again.


Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. AND they also as a result, usually fail to fully appreciate how important it is to only do things in a correct disciplined way from now on.

To say this more clearly, “those who fail to learn and grow wise from the past, and wisely discipline themselves from making the same choices, actions, and circumstances again— are doomed to unintentionally cause them again. >>>It’s not an if, but a when.


You will not be able to be ready to be your true self or succeed, until you have discovered, fully understood, and correctly applied the learnings from what caused you to choose not to be your true self, make mistakes, and fail yourself in your past, to ensure that you are wise enough to not make the same mistakes again.

–AND then, from this truthful knowledge, wisely empower yourself to only be your true self and only live the life you truly want unconditionally from now on–free of all the old missteps.

By understanding the true reasons for why you chose and did what you did in the past, and by understanding why these mistakes disempowered you — you will enlighten yourself on what not to do in the future and why that makes sense. And from that place of truth, empower yourself to make far wiser choices, judgments, values, wants, solutions, habits, and self-discipline from now on.

This safeguards you from falling back into the same “old traps” that you did before, and enlightens you about how to cause the best possible results for yourself now and in the future, regardless of circumstances.

This is the first step in achieving true self mastery. Skipping it will keep you stuck in the past in the same unready state permanently–which keeps you stuck in the same reality. This is what “stuck” really means and what it is caused from.

To become “unstuck” you must first become truly ready to move forward—otherwise you will experience what’s known as the “Terror Barrier.” The terror barrier is the boundary of your comfort zone. This inner boundary tells you what you are truly ready for vs not ready or not able to be or do (yet).

Most of us have been taught that our comfort zone is “BAD”, staying in it is a prison, and if you want to truly live your life you must crash through your terror barrier boundary to the “great and wonderful beyond, no matter how difficult this is”.

But, this is complete unwise ignorance. Ignoring your own inner guidance system is a giant mistake which you will pay for later.

What your fear is really telling you is to become able and ready first so you will be in control of yourself and what you’re doing (that’s all “ready” means) — versus — not yet in control (so not yet ready), and then suffering the consequences of losing control for however long it lasts.

Another way of saying this is, do not try to save time and “jump into action” when you are not yet ready as it will only result in you creating situations and consequences for yourself to manage that you are not ready to effectively manage in positive ways. Doing this will cause you to unintentionally (innocently) create more problems for you to solve than you can handle correctly until it becomes an out of control crisis. When that happens—your confidence is shattered, you fail, you suffer losses, you feel hopeless, you give up, you quit –and create long term circumstances that are very hard and painful to deal with and overcome.

The worst part of this are the negative limiting judgements and beliefs we make reactively and often unconsciously when this happens that we don’t even realize we made in our panic, despair, or anger. All of which keep us locked in an unready state of invisible unconscious disempowerment that we aren’t even aware of.

What do we learn from this? Taking the time upfront that you truly needed to properly get ready first would have saved you from all the stress, pain, difficulty, discomfort, mistakes, failures, loses, problems, and missteps you created for yourself in the long run, and ended up saving you time to focus on what you actually wanted instead. We so easily get tempted into jumping a head unready because we truly (unwisely) don’t think we need it and are eager to get what we want, but it almost never works out that way. What we get is the fake appearance of short term gain—for a life-time of long term pain. Imagine a surgeon did that? What do you think the results would be? Right? Why do we always think we are somehow the exception to the rule?

Now … does this mean you’ll be in complete control of all your outer life circumstances when you have become ready—no (that’s an illusion). What ready means is that you’ll be able to stay in control of you and what you’re doing regardless of circumstances so you can work positively and effectively with them and make the best of them, rather than making them worse.

Do some people get lucky breaking outside of the their comfort zone and terror barrier? Yes, for the short or mid term (and they are the ones who evangelize this approach), but most do not, and it ends up destroying their results and confidence, making them give up on what they truly want–because they believe it’s impossible for them. This is the most disabling of all beliefs, which keeps you stuck permanently.

Let’s be clear, people who are ready to succeed will succeed. And by truthfully observing their successful results over and over again they will naturally come to truthfully judge that they are truly successful people because they have proven it. This creates true rock solid confidence that we are able to achieve what we want. A lot of people want a “belief” for this as a short-cut, when confidence should only come through results.

Sadly, people who are not ready to succeed, most often won’t, and through observing their truthful results of failure over and over often come to believe that they are not successful people and who can NEVER succeed. When people jump to the incorrect I CAN NEVER SUCCEED belief it completely disables them completely from succeeding permanently. This is the biggest danger not getting ready first: shattered confidence and disempowering false beliefs that will keep you stuck for life.

It’s important to know that by heeding your comfort zone’s inner terror barrier you also won’t intentionally put yourself into circumstance you’re not ready for, keeping you safely out of harm’s way.

The truth is that you are meant to expand your comfort zone intelligently by becoming ready for more first. When you work this way you are always in your comfort zone correctly and always succeeding. You’ll see that as you become ready for more, your comfort zone will naturally expand, and what used to terrify you–now does not. That’s the way it’s suppose to work. Its truthfully an “inner crib” and “guidance system” as one.

Will there be Pain or Difficulty?

Will there be pain or difficulty during this process? Mostly likely at times yes. Will you be able to handle it? You bet you will, we make sure of it.

You’ll only do what you are ready to do at each step of the process so you are able to be fully in control of you and what you are doing no matter what the circumstances are. By the end of this process you’ll be so strong, so capable and so sure of yourself because you will have made yourself truly ready first.

And you’ll be extra ready because you will have all the support, mentorship and coaching you could ever need to face and work through everything you must as it arises, staying on track, and staying “right in your mind” and in your heart—no matter what.

What’s the Hardest Part?

The hardest part, before taking this program and getting ready, is making the leap to being your true self.


Because, just like a bird who’s flying out of the nest for the first time, that’s when you will be tested the most. That’s when you will first find out just how strong you really are and just how in control of your own mental emotional stability and ability to stay true to your decisions you are as you take real action. When becoming your true self the biggest life changes almost always come first, so you have to be immediately ready for the consequences (blow back). Deep down you know this, which is why you have been hesitating.


Because your choices and actions will most likely directly affect other people, and you must be ready to deal with their reactions effectively no matter what–or you will lose control of you and what you’re doing in the process, making it extremely difficult and often fraught with painful mistakes, failures, loses and crisis. Alternatively, they can affect your career, work, business, other relationships, and you have to be ready to handle these effects well.

Regardless, when everything moves into action, you need to be ready to handle it. Until you know you can, because you truly can –you’ll remain in an unready state of fear, indecision, and inaction.


Because readiness makes you fully capable of being in control of you and what you’re doing while you’re doing it.

It gives you the strength, endurance and wisdom (including correct knowledge, skills, tools, approach, discipline, experience) you need to work through and accomplish what is required. And more, it allows you to gain the necessary trust in yourself that you can indeed do it, which you prove as you take action, reacting and responding to the consequences in real-time.

The truth is, things are only very difficult when you’re are not ready to for them. Readiness makes things as easy as they can be–because you’re ready to handle it, you’re able to be in control of you and what you are doing when you’re doing it–so you can do it well, correctly, and successfully. Therefore you don’t break, you don’t bend, and you don’t lose control–so you naturally feel safe and confident.

None of this happens when you’re not ready and rightly so. You feel intense fear on purpose—to stop you from doing what you’re not ready to do. Heed your fear—get ready first.

Take Step 1Get Ready First

Once you take the first right step to becoming your true self which is to decide you truly want to get ready to be your true self —and you won’t force yourself to do it until you are–watch yourself start to feel a whole lot better! Then you’ll want to do it, and it won’t feel bad anymore. You’ll feel good.

Especially when you know you’re going to do it by using an easy to follow, easy to use process that’s fun, enlightening, and designed to completely empower you to be ready, willing, and able to be your true self— and then beyond, —to being your true self every day, doing what you truly want, achieving what you truly want, and doing it step-by-step. Building your life into the one you truly want to live. All of it with me guiding, supporting, and helping you as much as you need every step of the way.

Why Does This Work?

What makes our Belief Change Therapy practices so effective?

Psychoanalysis, Counselling Therapy, and Reprogramming the mind are all proven to get results scientifically and our Goal Achievement Program is based on time tested principles of success that are proven as well.

Furthermore, once you’ve completed working with us step-by-step to acquire all that you need to become ready to be your true self— a powerful will, desire, and drive to take action will activate in you.

You will naturally fly into action to be your true self and do all you must to make your dreams come true.

Taking effective action will be as easy as it can because you will have all of the necessary knowledge, tools, process, discipline, habits, and mindset to be successful. In place of fear will be confident self assurance.


Because when you have achieved all of this you will know that you are strong enough and capable enough to succeed; fully in control of you and fully in control what you’re doing.

You will know that you have what it takes to endure the very toughest spots ahead and be able to stay focused and taking action on what you want no matter what until you’ve successfully transitioned yourself into your new life and beyond.

And, also because you will know that I will be there with you every step of the way— guiding, supporting, listening to you, and coaching in whatever way you need to help you stay grounded, safe, centered, focused, and taking effective action on what you want no matter what.